Back before things like planes, trains, automobiles and ice, we were pretty much stuck with eating whatever was in season wherever you happened to live.  For anyone who has ever grown your own tomatoes you know that your vine ripened ‘maters are far superior to a winter grocery store tomato.  Not only are they more tasty, eating as local as possible is eco-friendly (think of all the fuel used to get your tomatoes from the warm places to the cold tomato loving places.)


If you have a black thumb, you can still get really local delicious in-season food for relatively cheap.  Think CSA’s and farmers markets.  For the newbies, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is basically a fruit and vegetable subscription to a local farm.  Here is a list of Maryland CSAs to peruse.

If you aren’t excited by the idea of a CSA you can always shop at the farmers markets.  They are all over Baltimore all days of the week and have more than just produce.  Here is a fun little farmers market finder


So now that you know where you can get local delicious foods, what’s actually in season and performing at peak tastiness? April is the start of our growing season, and you should find in proliferation herbs, parsnips, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, greens, and fiddlehead ferns. Yum!