You know something is probably not bad for you skin if it is good for your body!  Here at EN Olivier we’ve been trying to eat foods that are more pure and we’ve also been trying to carry that over into our beauty routines, which are admittedly pretty basic.  The neat part about going more natural with your skincare routine is that it’s usually significantly cheaper that fancy lab created skincare products. Try this method for a couple of weeks so that your skin can adjust.

Want to give it a whirl? Here is what you will need:

  • Extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil: Come visit for your refill!
  • Castor oil: from a pharmacy
  • a washcloth, or if you want to be somewhat fancy, I personally love using this little gadget
  • A small container for your new facewash!


  1. Mix your oils:  In general one part castor oil to three parts olive oil.  If you are more oily, try half and half, as castor oil is a natural astringent.  Really shake your container to mix the two because castor oil is thick and doesn’t like to socialize.
  2. Take about a quarter size amount of your oil and apply to your DRY face.  It must be dry so the oil can get into your pores.
  3. Massage the oil into your face using the nifty gadget linked above or just your fingers.  I usually do half of my face, rinse out my cleansing tool, then do the other half.  It is safe to use over your eyes and will remove your eye-makeup.
  4. Gradually massage in water and rinse.
  5. If you are feeling oily still, wipe your face dry with a towel.
  6. Once your face is dry use a bit of olive oil as a moisturizer!


A couple notes:  I wash my face in the shower, so my pores are steamed open before I apply oil to my still-dry face, but if you do not wash your face in the shower, you can wet a washcloth with hot water, wring out, then lay on your face for a minute or two before washing your face.