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This is the traditional sea salt of the Hawaiian Islands. This is rich in trace minerals found in sea water and the iron oxide infused red Alaea clay of Hawaii. This authentic Hawaiian seasoning used for roasting or grilling meats and lends itself to salt blends and rubs.

Fleur de Sel

Ile de re This is the finest of the French sea salts, and is collected from the top layer of the famous salt ponds in Charentes. Fleur de Sel is considered by many professionals to be the finest salt available for finishing and delivering a full balanced flavor to food. This finishing salt will enhance […]

Himalayan Pink

This is a Jurassic era salt mined from deep in the Himalayan mountains and range in color from white to dark pink. Only the finest grade salt is used for gourmet purposes. The high mineral content gives this salt many health benefits as well as being a beautiful addition to your table.

Murray River

This is a delicate flake salt with a remarkable light peach color from South Australia’s Murray Darling River Basin. The flavor is quite mild with a delicate texture which lends itself as a superb finishing salt. Ideal for a salad or fresh garden vegetables.

Pangasinan Ilocano Asin

Pangasinan Ilocano Asin is a moist, coarse grain, naturally white sea salt. Wonderful bright, clean, crisp flavors powered by underlying minerals define this complex, well-balanced salt. Hand crafted by generations of Philippine families, this salt is the perfect complement to any meal.

Trapani Fiore de Sale

This is a hand crafted salt from the famous “Salt Road” in Sicily. As one of the oldest areas of salt production in the world, the Trapani salt pans are protected by the World Wildlife Fund. Trapani is a pure white “Fleur de sel” salt coveted by chefs and gourmets alike.