earth day 3

Did you know that you can bring back your bottles and we will wash, sanitize and reuse them?  Lately we have been thinking about the difference between sustainability and biodynamics.  The grossly simplified difference is this: a farm that makes paper waste can send it out to be recycled therefore being sustainable.  The biodynamic option would be to shred that paper and use it in your composted soil.  That would be a truly wasteless, more natural option.

Instead of putting your EN Olivier bottles out in the recycling, bring them to us! Can’t make it during our hours? Do not hesitate to leave your bottles in front of our door! We call them orphan bottles, and it brings us joy when we get to the store in the morning to be greeted by baby orphan bottles.  It means that a customer out there was thoughtful enough to recycle more biodynamically!

Last week we discussed local produce and its many benefits.  The thing we love most about our store is that you can eat simply but still make your meals interesting by changing up the oils and spices you use.  Simple natural eating is both best for your body and best for the earth!